NRSWA Streetworks Training


These CABWI accredited Supervisor and Operative courses are essential to all personnel working on or near public highways.  CTD’s flexible approach allows individuals and organisations to select units that are relevant to their specific requirements – please call us.

This fully interactive and highly practical course covers all the knowledge and skills necessary to work on or near the highway.

We also offer a one day course to concentrate purely on the Signing, Lighting and Guarding units (operative or supervisor) for those individuals who carry out traffic management duties (pedestrian or vehicular).

  1. Location & avoidance of underground apparatus (O & S)
  2. Signing, lighting and guarding (O)
  3. Excavation in the highway (O)
  4. Reinstatement and compaction of backfill material (O)
  5. Reinstatement of sub-base and road-base in non-bituminous materials (O)
  6. Reinstatement of cold-lay bituminous materials (O)
  7. Reinstatement of hot-lay bituminous materials (O)
  8. Reinstatement of concrete slabs (O)
  9. Reinstatement of modular surfaces and concrete footways (O)
  10. Monitoring signing, lighting and guarding (S)
  11. Monitoring excavation in the highway (S)
  12. Monitoring reinstatement and compaction of backfill materials (S)
  13. Monitoring reinstatement of sub-base and road-base in non-bituminous materials (S)
  14. Monitoring reinstatement in bituminous materials (S)
  15. Monitoring reinstatement of concrete slabs (S)
  16. Monitoring reinstatement of modular surfaces and concrete footways (S)

(O) Operative
(S) Supervisor

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