Course Overview


This half day course is intended for all people who are required to carry out manual handling activities in the course of their normal duties and satisfies the legal requirement for manual handling training (Manual Handling Operations Regulations (as amended)1992 (MHOR).


To enable the candidate to:

  • To have a working knowledge of the manual handling regulations.
  • Learn correct techniques for manual handling.
  • To carry out manual handling risk assessments.
  • To have an understanding of the bodies biomechanics.


The objectives of this course are:

  • To identify the main causes of MSDs.
  • Identify the main causes of top heavy bending.
  • Look at the functions and dysfunctions of the spine.
  • Understand the definitions of manual handling.
  • Identify the costs to employer and employee
  • To demonstrate the base movement.
  • Demonstrate learning by written and practical assessment.
  • To identify relevant PPE.

Manual Handling Operations Regulations (as amended)1992 (MHOR).