Course Overview


Estimates suggest that thousands die each year as a result of exposure at some point in their working lives to hazardous substances; asbestos being a prime example. A high percentage of this annual loss could be averted by the correct selection and use of Respiratory Protective Equipment. Individual Face Fit Testing is now a required part of that process.

If you wear or provide tight-fitting respiratory protective equipment  as a control measure, then each individual required to wear Respiratory Protection Equipment (RPE) must be fit-tested on the chosen respirator, specific to the manufacturer, model and size)” (Ref HSE 282.28).

With this in mind we aim to support our clients through Qualitative Face Fit Testing to ensure the workforce are protected and are correctly using the Respiratory Protection Equipment (RPE). It is no longer sufficient to just provide an employee with a respirator, it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the chosen respirator/mask has the potential to adequately seal to the wearer’s face. You can provide your workforce with the best respirators, if the chosen RPE doesn’t fit the individual’s face the respirator may not sufficiently filter the hazard you are protecting against.


So, do you need a Face Fit Testing?

Let CTD provide a solution for your Face Fit Testing requirements.

The decision to carry out face fit testing in the work place may be the best Health & Safety decision you’ll ever make.


Fit Testing and CTD:

We provide:

  • On-site Fit Testing throughout the south of England
  • Regional Face Fit Testing days at our training centre at Bournemouth
  • Fit Testing for various mask types including Half Face and Disposable Masks
  • HSE-compliant reports and certification

Fit Testing not only ensures that you stay HSE-compliant but also provides the vital last link in the chain of respiratory protection.

We can also offer:

  • Advice on RPE selection
  • RPE and Site-specific training
  • Arrange Masks and filters for purchase