About CTD Safety

CTD believe that a skilled, safety conscious workforce is of significant benefit both to the individual and to the employer, and our aim is to offer you the most professional, industry-relevant and cost-effective training courses in the country.  We strongly believe that training is not just about the need to tick boxes, it is also about each individual’s personal development. To deliver our services we have our own purpose-built lecture rooms, extensive on-site training ground and highly-qualified, motivated instructors.

The Company was initially formed in 2006 in response to a construction and a utility companys’ needs for a rapid solution to their health, safety and plant training requirements and in the last nine years it has gone from strength to strength. We now have a growing and varied client base, and have expanded our training ground and training rooms.

Our training centre at Bournemouth is easily accessible to our regional clients who attend from The Home Counties, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, Dorset, Devon and Somerset. However, we also take our services to many other parts of the country, including Scotland, where clients have their own suitable facilities and travel abroad to St Kitts and Nevis in the Carribean. We have a wide range of courses available in Health & Safety, Construction Plant and Management Development, however we also have the facilities and competence to design specialist courses when and where required. Many of our existing courses have been designed specifically for particular industry sectors from construction, dockyards, marinas, local authorities and public utilities. So if you do have specialist training needs which we are not currently offering, please give us a call to discuss how we can work together to provide them.